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How big is big enough where your new standby generator is concerned?


How big is big enough where your new standby generator is concerned?

Yvonne Fish
Feb 2 2 minutes read

How big is big enough?

Standby Generator Sizing

Generators are rated by kilowatts of power generated. The most popular ones range from air-cooled units that produce 20 kilowatts to larger liquid-cooled units that generate 48 kilowatts or more.

Determining the right size of a generator is a balance between how much power your home demands and how much you can live without during a service interruption. The more power needed, the more generator you need. And, there are no cutting corners.

Getting Enough Standby Generator

Your budget doesn’t determine the size of generator you get. It determines how much you can power. That’s because you can’t stretch kilowatts. Demanding more than a generator can provide will literally tear a generator apart. Having too much generator, on the other hand, means you spent more than necessary.

The right way to size your standby generator is to turn the sizing step over to a professional. That starts with a site survey of your home or business by a Generator Power Systems specialist. They conduct a detailed survey of your power usage. This information is then used in a load calculation which provides an accurate range of power you’ll need and how much generator it will take to provide it

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