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Factory-Trained Specialists

Generator Power Systems’ support techs are factory-trained specialists who understand your system inside and out. If you provide your generator with the necessary maintenance, it will provide you with reliable power for years to come.

Standby power generators is a full-time focus for our techs. A mechanic can fix an engine. An electrician can wire a circuit. Making both, work together, takes specialized training. Our team doesn’t fix outboard motors, or wire ceiling fans. They make sure vital standby power generators run when they’re needed.

Remote Monitoring

Your generator is the heart of your standby power system. Even though it self-tests regularly, monitoring those tests means going to the generator itself–until now.

PowerPulse 24 offers a web-based wireless monitoring for your standby generator that keeps you informed.

Once installed, PowerPulse 24 automatically reports your generator’s engine hours, test results, and detects faults via text and/or email to you and Generator Power Systems. Often, we’ll call before you know there’s a problem.

PowerPulse 24

PowerPulse 24 gives you peace of mind. You’ll know when your generator needs attention no matter where you are because this remote monitoring system keeps you informed. 

It’s customizable too: get a report every time your generator runs, or just when it detects a problem. Or, log-on to the secure PowerPulse 24 website anytime for the latest information.

PowerPulse 24 keeps the heart of your power system beating. When the power goes out, you’ll have confidence in your generator. Providing reliable standby power is what we do. 

PowerPulse24 helps make sure you get it. Even if you got your system elsewhere, Generator Power Systems can monitor it and dispatch help many times before you even know it's needed.


Providing regular maintenance for your standby generator power system ensures you enjoy years of reliable service. Generator Power Systems’ trained technicians take the work out of maintaining your system. We recommend having them perform basic routine maintenance twice a year–or, anytime you run the system for an extended period of time.

Maintaining Your System

Our 50-point checklist begins with an inspection of your generator’s engine. It’s the hardest working component of your system. Our technicians provide a comprehensive review while also covering the basics:

  • OIL: Check oil level; change the oil as necessary.  Typically, it should be changed after 150 hours of use or every 12 months.
  • SPARK: Check spark plugs,
  • COOLANT: Check coolant on liquid-cooled generators, change as necessary.

Generator Power Systems technicians also perform a visual inspection, looking for damage, debris, or anything that might block airflow.

Finally, GPS certified technicians inspect connections and wiring visually. If there’s a problem, you’ll be alerted for authorization to perform necessary repairs. 

By having Generator Power Systems’ certified technicians perform a 50-point checkup on your system, you can rest assured it will start when needed. Ask about our annual maintenance plan. 

Your Factory Certified Service Center

Generator Power Systems technicians are required to participate in continuing education seminars and programs to maintain re-certification and customer satisfaction requirements.


Dependable service anytime you need it. Because we meet and exceed strict manufacturer requirements, Generator Power Systems is the leading authorized service center in the Houston/Galveston area. Our technicians must first complete all the necessary field training classes to comply with manufacturer’s strict training requirements.

Our technicians are certified in:

  • Systems diagnostics
  • Comprehensive preventative maintenance
  • Repair of residential automatic standby generators
  • Repair of commercial automatic standby generators

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