What is the generator installation process?

Once you select the standby power generator that’s right for you, Generator Power Systems handles all the details. 

Generator Power Systems' 10 Step Process:

1. Power evaluation
Critical information is gathered to determine your customized power requirements. Load calculation showing actual connected power load, the location of the generator, size of generator needed along with appropriate accurately sized automatic transfer switch.

2. Quote process and diagram
You will receive a complete and thorough explanation of the equipment required for your power needs.  Equipment spec sheets are sent along with your quote containing all the information about what will be furnished and installed for you.

3. HOA approval (if necessary)
Many Home Owners Associations require approval prior to installing a standby generator. We will help you with the process and all the required documents.

4. Permitting and Electrical Power Distributor Approval

If the installation is in an area that requires permitting, a permit is applied for and granted prior to installation. Most installations require a one-line diagram to be submitted for approval to the appropriate electrical provider showing the installation diagram along with the specifications on the generator and the automatic transfer switch.

5. Concrete pad foundations poured in place
Concrete foundations are formed and poured on your property for all generators. This proven method provides the strength and stability needed for your new generator.

6. Electrical systems install and inspection

State law requires us to install your generator to the guidelines set forth by the National Electric Code even when inspections aren’t required. Your electrical install will be completed by licensed electricians and will meet or exceed code guidelines. You can
rest easy knowing we have been powering Houston since 1981.

7. Plumbing install and inspection

Always plumbed to code even when no inspection is required. There is only one way to plumb a generator correctly. Our way, assures you of proper gas flow so that your generator operates efficiently.

8. Gas provider services setup
Standby Generators fueled by natural gas run best with elevated pressure. This requires an upgraded gas meter from your natural gas provider. We order and schedule the gas meter upgrade for you.

9. Startup and tutorial
After your generator installation is complete, one of our trained staff sets an appointment to start up your generator and leads you through a detailed tutorial covering the operation of the equipment and recommended maintenance.

10. Bring on those power outages

Now you can sit back and relax. Even though your power is interrupted, your lifestyle isn’t.

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