Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and Generator Power Systems has answers.  Here's a few of our  most common questions that we hear from folks looking for answers about generators and backup power. 


Where can my generator be located?

  • Most air cooled units can be placed within 18” of your home or business.

  • Liquid cooled models must be placed 5’ away from your home or business.

  • Any generator must be 5’ away from any openings into the structure.  Examples:  operable windows or doors.

  • Generators can’t be set in utility easements.

How does it work?  

  • The generator equipment will automatically know when utility power is lost.

  • Generator will turn on automatically to power your home or business usually within 10 seconds.

  • When utility power is restored, the generator will automatically turn off and will seamlessly transfer you back to utility power.

What size generator do I need?

  • There is not a one size fits all generator.

  • The size of your home or business and what you want to power during an outage will determine the right size generator for you.

What will be my investment to protect my power?

  • All generator installations are unique and there are many variables that determine your final investment. Examples of variables:  Size of generator selected, size of automatic transfer switch needed, permitting process,  generator location, size of concrete foundation, length of electrical run, length of gas line and gas meter upgrade or liquid propane connection.

How long will it take to install my generator?

  • The installation time can range from several days to several weeks or more. Installation times vary based on the complexity of the installation. Factors that can add time to the installation process include:

  • Acquisition of permits and required inspections

  • Homeowners Association approval

  • Amount of wiring and piping to connect the generator to your home’s natural gas supply and electric service panel.

  • Gas Meter Upgrade or Second Gas Service

Do I have any finance options?

  • Yes you have numerous finance options available from 12 months to 84 months.

How much will it cost to operate my generator?

  • Operating costs will vary depending on the size of the generator, duration of an outage and the cost of natural gas. For a simple calculation, assume you have a 20KW generator operating at half-load, running for one hour, and hooked up to your existing natural gas service from CenterPoint Energy. The generator will typically use 1.61 CCFH (hundred cubic feet per hour) x $0.50- (Example cost only) Your natural gas cost for one hour of use is $0.80. At full load, the cost is $1.40 per hour. See current natural gas prices for your area. 

Will my generator need to be maintained?

  • Yes your generator needs to be maintained just like your car.

  • We have numerous maintenance plans available for you to choose from.

Do I have any extended warranty options for my generator?

  • Yes you have extended warranty options covering your generator for parts and labor.

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