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What is a home generator?

Yvonne Fish
Apr 11 4 minutes read

What is a Home Generator

We want to share some knowledge on the importance of having a home generator and how it can save you and your family from losing power. 

As residents of Houston,TX, we’ve seen a hurricane or two in our day. We know how strong the winds can be and how scary it is losing power. CBS news reported that a quarter million of residents lost power during Hurricane Harvey last year and with hurricane season quickly approaching, our team at Generator Power Systems wants you to be prepared. 

We also want to share some knowledge on the importance of having a home generator and how it can save you and your family from losing power. 

What is a Home Generator?

Simply stated, a Kohler standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. Our service technicians install the generator outside of your home just like an air conditioning unit, and the generator comes on automatically when the power goes out. This happens whether you’re home or not, giving you and your family a piece of mind.

Generator Power Systems and Kohler Powers it All

Refrigerator: Your food can be the first thing to go during a power outage. A Kohler home generator has you covered. 

Electronics: Kohler keeps your electronics such as TV, tablets, and computers powered up so you stay connected.

Heat and A/C: Your HVAC is what keeps you and your family comfortable. Kohler and Generator Power Systems knows that and makes sure to protect it.

Light: Your lights can stay on when you have a Kohler generator in place. 

Water: Running water is a big deal, in fact, most of us rely on it. With a Kohler home generator in place, you won’t have to worry about losing your water well or aerobic system during a power outage.


Is a Home Generator right for you?

Wondering if a home generator is right for you? Here’s what you can expect when you have one installed for your home. (14kW - 150kW)

  • Most ideal for backing up your home

  • Power is restored in seconds, automatically- whether you’re home or away

  • Critical hard-wired systems such as AC, heat, and large appliances stay powered

  • No refueling because it runs on LP gas or your home’s natural gas

  • Won’t harm your electronics because it only delivers high-quality power

Investing in a Home Generator

The total investment of a home generator with installation will fluctuate based on your power and installation needs. Smaller air cooled generators start at $9,500.00.  Larger liquid cooled generators start at $17,500.00. These starting prices will vary significantly from home to home. We recommend a professional power evaluation for a more accurate quote.

When shopping for a home generator you should keep the following in mind:

  • Size of the generator and automatic transfer switch

  • What kind of lifestyle you want during a power outage

  • Permits needed to install the generator

  • Best installation location

Don’t worry, Generator Power Systems has you covered when it comes to all the details and we will be with you every single step of the way.

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