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Why You Should Prepare for Hurricane Season Before The Storm Hits



Prepare for Hurricane Season Before The Storm Hits

Yvonne Fish
May 16 4 minutes read

June 1st marks the first day of hurricane season and our team at Generator Power Systems wants you to be prepared. As residents of the greater Houston area, we understand the pressure that hurricanes can place on everyone. 

After the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey last year, we know just how scary the effects of a hurricane can be.That’s why we want to talk to you about the importance of purchasing a generator before hurricane season hits.

You Need Enough Time To Research

Unfortunately, the average person will go to the local hardware store or home improvement center and purchase whatever the salesman recommends. Oftentimes, by doing this they may end up with the wrong size or the wrong type of generator. Here’s an insider secret: There is no one size fits all when it comes to generators. 

As Houston’s premier generator professionals and the only Kohler Titanium dealer in the state, we have a range of different generators suited for different households. 

The Installation Process Takes Some Time

Roughly speaking, hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June through the end of November. Hurricanes are volatile in nature; while weather channels may report that they are headed toward one location one week, they might take a wild turn the next. 

Because preparing for a hurricane is so time-sensitive, it’s difficult to purchase and have your generator installed at the last minute. The installation time typically ranges from several days to several weeks or more depending on the complexity of the installation.

Factors that can add time to the installation process include:  

  • Acquisition of permits and required inspections

  • Homeowners Association approval

  • Amount of wiring and piping to connect the generator to your home’s natural gas supply and electric service panel.

  • Gas Meter Upgrade or Second Gas Service

That’s why purchasing your generator and getting it installed at the beginning of the storm season and not waiting until the storm hits, is your best bet.

You can read more about our Generator Installation Process here.

Generator Testing and Tune Ups

Having a professional do a tune-up of your generator before the storm hits is essential. Because your power grid and power needs are unique to your home, Generator Power Systems verifies that the frequency and voltage on your generator are adjusted for your home. 

A trained professional will go a long way in making sure your generator provides exactly the right output; nothing more, nothing less.

Peace of Mind

We know hurricane season can be an extremely stressful time and we want to help alleviate some of that stress as much as possible. A home generator will give you the peace of mind you need before, during, and after the storm, when outages are still possible. 

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